I began building new residential homes in North Carolina when I earned my unlimited building license, nearly twenty years ago.  During this time, I constructed a number of large, highly customized homes, working with both architects and owners.  I have also built more modest homes working directly with owners on design, materials, and finishes. 

A significant amount of my experience also comes from remodeling and renovating existing homes, with or without an architect or designer.  No matter the scope or focus of the project, careful listening and clear communication are both essential for success.

I have always owned my own building company.  I learned long ago that my success comes from a network of like-minded craftsmen and specialists who enjoy the camaraderie and satisfaction of working as a team to produce work of enduring quality.  I am pleased to have nurtured relationships with some of the most professional and skilled tradesmen and suppliers in our region.  This network has taken years to develop; but, it is extraordinarily rewarding.  These resources, along with my own experience as a hands-on builder, have allowed me to address my clients’ needs with confidence and pride.

I have included some comments from past clients on the Testimonials page of this website.  But, I am also happy to provide a list of references from clients with projects similar in scope and complexity to yours.

Marc DiRienzo